YES Network

YES Country Networks are youth-led national-level coalitions focused on promoting youth employment in their countries. Their primary aim is to work with diverse stakeholders to develop programs and projects for youth employment in their countries. Membership of YES Networks is diverse, including government officials, development agencies, business groups, and youth-serving civil society organizations


Collaborate with International Government, UN agencies and Policy Change Makers to increase youth employment opportunities globally.


YES strengthened relationships with cutting edge private and public investors provides established and emerging youth-driven enterprise with opportunities to seed and growth investments.

ROI markets and economies an opportunity to access  Financial Services and Capital Markets 


Civil Society

Education and Training

Social Networks

Develop capacity of youth to lead in-country initiatives 

Increase Economic Growth

Promote youth enterprise and employment to address key development challenges

Build in-country coalitions to develop national strategies addressing youth issues, focusing on sustainable employment and entrepreneurial creation.