The first YES Summit in 2002, co-chaired by Hon. Bill Clinton, 42nd President of the United States, and H.E. Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak, then First Lady of Egypt, launched a decade long campaign to fight poverty through large-scale job creation and entrepreneurship for youth. The Alexandria Summit was attended by 1600 delegates from 120 countries in Egypt.

Since the launch YES has hosted Summits in:

YES Sweden 2010

YES Azerbaijan 2008

YES Panama Regional Forum 2008

YES Kenya Summit 2006

YES Mexico Summit 2004

YES Hyderabad Regional Forum 2003

YES Launch Alexandria, Egypt 2002


Digital Journey Series 

A platform for young people to paint the canvas of their dreams.

Through social and digital media, young people share their local stories and best practices with the world and document the progress of change in each region so that others can learn and contribute ideas and concepts.

The Digital Journey Series allows for co-creation of projects among multi-stakeholder groups that embraces the traditional YES low-touch high-impact methodology.

The Digital Journey Series gives voice on an international platform to speak on current and emerging social, educational and entrepreneurial issues.

Women Who Run the Worlds

Project in partnership with UN Women – launched during the 10 celebrations on UN Women.

Women Who Run the World is made up of a cohort of African and diaspora women who work in global markets.

A select group of  African young women entrepreneurs will be highlighted throughout AIF 2020, providing access to access capital and investment funding opportunities.